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singapore airlines customer complaints email

i hung up, of course the email didnt come through, the call didnt come through, my refund didnt come through. Can I contact travel claims if I wish to amend or cancel my travel itinerary?No, travel claims will only assist you with your claim if you have cancelled or cut short your trip.6. On the airbus A380 we had seat up stairs. Once in Singapore, we saw a Singapore Airlines helpdesk who both helped us and informed us that we were entitled to a full refund as per the terms and conditions. Singapore Airlines booking system is backward and unfair to customers. By using the website, you are agreeing to our. While we book tickets,we dont come across any option that states “STRICTLY VEGETARIAN”. 6 months ago before making the reservation, I asked your associate that will date change be permitted to which I got a response that yes that is a possibility provided the same class is available. Also, I was informed that SQ833 should be arriving soon and it should be able to arrive to Singapore early than the midnight flight. Athens Aegean staff ignored this policy and insisted that their policy took This passport was issued in HK and we were HK residents (even my HKID reflects Ratna as given name and shankar as surname). We have call your company number: 1-800-742-3333 and would like to ask for help to change to a later flight on nov-2016. Boarding was closing, hence my son and husband had to leave without me. My burger was cold and tasteless and the bun was as hard and cold as an ice hockey puck, Very surprised as I ‘m normally very very happy with SQ but will consider using different Star Alliance in the future. I was truly disappointed with Singapore Airlines handling this incident and sad to say that the crew were not trained and prepared to deal with such incident. The tickets were purchase thru Cheap O Air and financed thru Affirm which Singapore Airlines have received their full payment. There was a tour group 60+ that arrived ahead of us ( although we arrived 2 hours early ) The ” internet check-in counter nor the business section counter were dealing with the overflow instead sat there doing nothing with no one using the counter. For many many years I have flown with QANTAS and its one world affiliated airlines. There was no alternate window seat available and I can’t sit on the middle seats being claustrophobic.  Star Alliance policy is that the main carriers baggage policy applies I was incredibly upset and stressed, again, when this happened, and I couldn’t believe it, that SIA would allow such one of its customers to even have to go through this poorly planned journey. When you are ready to re-book your travel, simply complete our online Change My Booking form by entering your Webjet Booking Reference Number, the email address used to make your booking and passenger surname. I am a Gold member of Krisflyer. For a company which claims that “customers come first” and that the customers are foremost of your minds at all times” – I find this to be unquestionably false. The lady who chanaged told me that i would receive a refund within 3 weeks. Our aim at ConsumerBoard is to have your concerns, complaints and feedback heard and addressed through the right channel. Our date of travel was March 21st. • Dnata conveniently closed case 1. You are about to log out from corporate booking account.Do you want to continue? I am very disappointed with the careless service. When we do the pre-arrival form completion, I had left the surname blank and filled given name as Ratna Shankar. reference the relevant policies when shown (incredibly arrogant and For comments, concerning Civil Aviation Requirement, Section -3, please contact- Air Transport, Series M, Part IV. And this is the main reason for me to rush back to Singapore. It seems preposterous that my own record is considered confidential. Melbourne to Sinagpore on SQ238. Suddenly we got their email on September 17 said name mismatched & wanted me to submit required document. I could have flown on many other airlines to fly direct to Hong Kong, but I specifically chose a LONGER flight because I wanted to fly with Singapore. Singapore Airlines is the national airline of Singapore, flying to more than 60 destinations on six continents. a) your representative only offered to “re-book” my flight to all business to adjust the difference (since I paid first class) 6) Called customer service didn’t get satisfactory resolution, only got “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours and we can’t do anything to make you feel better/compensate for your stress and loss”. While I understand a plane change is out of customer services’ control – HOW Singapore chooses to respond/treat its customers to deal with the change is not acceptable. . My grand mother was flying alone with wheel chair facility. When I didn’t hear back from them even after 7 days (which was initially told to me) – I contacted Daniel Gomes back through an email yesterday, the 22nd of August 2018. Kindly look into this matter so that we dont face this issue in the future. Singapore baggage policy is that bicycles can be included within checked in baggage at no extra charge. I travelled from New Delhi to Melbourne (New Delhi to Singapore – SQ403 and Singapore to Melbourne-SQ207). We also suggested they check with HK airport, even if they had checked as per our request, we would have known of an option “view/print notification slip again”. At the end, I was totally late for my 8 am meeting today. I was told that Daniel was on leave and insisted as if my nuisances / issues which I raised was rubbish. As per the pre-arrival my name is Ratna and surname is Shankar (all my official records reflect the same). They then tried to take out money for another ticket, while they have my money that pays for both tickets available to them from my card which says the full amount pending on my card, waiting for Singapore Airways to use it. I am very upset, disappointed, and very sad that what I had planned for my honeymoon is now changed so much. It is with much regret that prior to my most recent trip I had already booked a further flight from Sydney to Paris for me and my family on Singapore Airlines this coming January. She did mentioned that I will have to pay the penalty charges of $800 to make a date change which is absolutely ridiculous. 2) Seat got changed from First Class Suite to Business We booked a return flight to Penang via Singapore Airlines. AS krisflyer gold member, I am sure there are many ways you can reach me via email, sms, etc. On my departure from the Philippines, I was approached by an airline staff and bribed with money for my lost luggage, which I did not accept. So my husband made 2 bookings (6GVYDT & 6P6W9C) on Mac’17 for my son from Singapore to San Frans on 11th Dec, & return from LAX to Sin on 25th Dec. Customer Complaints. So this is truly disappointed and disaster which has spoiled and ruined our family trip to US to attend my daughter’s graduation. He has reserved the booking with REF: W88QCU pending approval from your end. I am having the return booking for New Delhi with my wife on 15th of October 2016 by SQ 208-SQ402. I have valuable stuff in my luggage and I can’t just ignore this issue like nothing happened if I don’t get my luggage back soon. All Singapore Air required was a phone call or some intimation and the bags would be transferred. HK Immigration had closed by this time (closes at 11 PM HK). Please note that your personal data may be shared with our partners and other relevant third parties—to enable them to follow up and reply to you directly on your feedback. Our original scheduled departure date from Brisbane to Mumbai, SQ266 departing Brisbane on Thursday 21 December 2017 at 18:10, SQ426 arriving Mumbai on Friday 22nd December 2017 at 05:25. The destinations covered include major cities in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, US and Vietnam. They were eager to travel with Singapore Airlines this time around because they had heard good things about the airlines (warm reception and service). Totally unacceptable. Not just that, this has also resulted in quite a bit of loss for us – spending on taxis unneceasrily to airport and home, pre-planned travel in HK costs. This insurance product is underwritten by TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. Reg off: Peninsula Business park Tower A 15th floor, G.K Marg lower parel Mumbai 400013. I checked in with my wife early and the guy who helped us in was very helpful. The back of the seat in front of me came so much into my space that any use of the tray table required tricks of contortion. Too bad they have monopoly on the market. My unfortunate experience was on Sunday 15 July on an overnight flight from Singapore to Sydney, SQ231. Again, Sheila refused to accept my explanation. I did not know when SIA service dropped in standard. My husband and I have both been trying to find out what is going on with the Singapore agent (who, after several calls from him and getting nowhere, I asked to speak to a manager he told me he is the manager!) I am now back home in Dubai, having found the link myself, with a printed copy in hand. I submitted immediately. Each time a different response is given. There were subsequent flights but there wasn’t arrangement to allocate passengers to the next flight until some passengers requested but the arrangement was messy.

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